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Start with a glass of very nice chardonnay wine. First course it is one of the best healthy soup in Viet Nam. Light and fresh taste of Fresh roll noodle will fresh your mind up before try the Grilled Fish “Hoi An” which is amazing. One of the most special food in Hoi An Vietnamese. At the end, by the local banana healthy and great flavor the chef cook them by your way fried them on pan with spirit, and amazing sauce.

Glass of white wine

Chicken and lotus seeds soup  
Stewed well lotus seeds for long hour with minced chicken. Served with fresh mushrooms and herbs.

“Ha Noi” fresh noodle rolls with beef
Beef and cucumber, onion, lettuce, fresh spring rolls served with Vietnamese dressing sauce, herbs and peanut

Grilled fish “Hoi An” In Banana Leave
Grilled catfish marinated with local root: galangal with herbs. Served with fresh rice noodle, Vietnamese dressing.

Banana flambe’ with Rum
Fried banana with rum and butter, sugar, orange juice, cinamon powder. Served with coconut ice-cream

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